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While calling Germany your new home is an exciting adventure, it has its fair share of challenges.

One particular challenge is navigating the legal landscape and finding reliable legal insurance (Rechtsschutzversicherung) coverage.

That’s where we want to help – in this comprehensive Getsafe legal insurance review, we’ll delve into all it has to offer. From its coverage options to its reputation for reliability, support, and claims, we’ll discuss everything.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Getsafe Legal Insurance is the right choice to protect your interests and peace of mind in your German adventure.

So, let’s dive in.




Number of plans


Waiting time

0 – 6 Months

English support


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No. of Plans1
Worldwide CoverageYes
Maximum CoverUnlimited
DeductibleStarting from €300
Waiting TimeYes. Varies from 0 to 6 months.
** No waiting time for Traffic & Criminal Protection
Cancellation Notice PeriodNo
Mobile AppYes
English SupportYes
Price€18.96 per month

English support.

Mobile app available.

Transparent policies.

Lawyer of your choice.

User-friendly platform with convenient claim filing.

Unlimited coverage.

Just one plan (limited options).

Up to 6 months of waiting time.

Getsafe Legal Insurance Overview

Starting in 2015, Getsafe has built quite a name for itself in the insurance space.

With its fair pricing, English support, free initial legal consultation, and user-friendly digital platform, Getsafe really stands out against other insurance companies.

Here’s an overview of its offerings of the single basic plan:

Getsafe Legal Insurance


€18.96 per month

Free Initial Consultation

Yes. For insured cases.

Private Legal Protection (Privatrechtsschutz)


Traffic Offense Legal Protection (Verkehrsrechtsschutz)


Professional Legal Protection (Berufsrechtsschutz)


Home (Wohnen) Legal Protection


** can be added for €3.22 per month

Criminal (Strafrecht) Protection


** can be added for €2.20 per month

Getsafe Legal Insurance Review for 2024

Here’s a detailed review of everything Getsafe’s legal insurance has to offer:


Getsafe has a single, basic insurance plan for everyone.

Starting at €18.96 per month, this package includes:

  • Private legal protection
  • Traffic offense legal protection
  • Professional legal protection

The plan comes with worldwide coverage and a free initial consultation with a lawyer for insured cases.

Plus, you can add home and criminal protection for €3.22 and €2.20 per month, respectively.


The premium you pay every month depends on the following things:

  • Coverage options
  • Employment status
  • No. of people covered (partner, spouse, children, etc.)

For instance, if you select home and criminal protection along with regular coverage, you’ll pay around €25 instead of €18.96.

Similarly, if you’re self-employed, you’ll pay more premium, but if you’re state-employed, you’ll pay a slightly lesser amount.

Lastly, if you add a partner, spouse, or children, you’ll obviously pay a higher amount than €18.96.

Excess or Deductible

Other than the monthly premium, you have to pay another amount with each claim. This is often known as an excess or deductible, which is your personal contribution to your legal disputes.

An excess of €300 means that you will have to pay the first €300 whenever a legal cost arises.

For example, if you file a claim that amounts to €500, you will pay €300, and your insurer (Getsafe) will pay the remaining €200.

Why does it exist? Simply to reduce your monthly premium.

However, your excess decreases by €100 every year if you don’t file a claim.

So, if you don’t file a claim in your first year, your deductible in the second year would be €200, and this applies to the following years.

Getsafe Legal Insurance Deductibles

But, if you file a claim in the first year, your excess increases to €500 next year.

Now, let’s look at what’s covered in Getsafe’s plan.

Legal Work Covered

So, the basic plan covers the following:

  • Private Legal Protection
  • Traffic Offense Legal Protection
  • Professional Legal Protection

a) Private Legal Insurance (Privatrechtsschutz)

Here’s what’s covered under private protection:

  • Indemnity legal protection:

This means that if someone causes harm to you or your property, you can receive compensation or a settlement to cover the damage they’ve done.

  • Criminal legal protection:

Getsafe will cover you when you’re involved in unintentional legal issues or trials related to accidents or injuries caused by negligence, not deliberate criminal actions.

  • Social legal protection / Disputes with social authorities:

If government agencies, like social services, make decisions that negatively affect you, such as reducing your disability benefits, you have the option to take legal action to challenge their decisions.

  • Disputes with administrative authorities:

This is relevant in situations where you believe an administrative authority has made an unfair or incorrect decision that has a significant impact, like a teacher’s decision affecting your child’s academic progress.

You can seek legal support to challenge such decisions.

  • Disputes with financial authorities:

If government bodies, like tax authorities, refuse to recognize certain expenses, such as those related to private education, as valid deductions or expenses, you can take legal action to contest their decision and seek resolution.


Your legal insurance won’t cover you if someone sues you for damages you have caused.

This type of protection falls under liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung). 

b) Traffic Offense Legal Protection (Verkehrsrechtsschutz)

  • Indemnity legal protection:

If you sustain personal injury in a traffic accident, Getsafe insurance will help you take legal action against the person responsible for the accident to seek compensation for the harm and damages you’ve suffered.

  • Legal protection in contract and property law:

This covers legal disputes related to contracts and property matters involving vehicles, such as buying a car or dealing with issues arising from a repair shop.

  • Criminal legal protection:

If you’re accused of a criminal offense, such as a serious traffic violation or any other crime, and you wish to defend yourself in court, Getsafe will provide assistance and support throughout the legal process.

  • Misdemeanor legal protection:

In cases where you’re accused of less serious offenses, like running a red traffic light or speeding, and you want to challenge these accusations in court, this type of legal protection will be there to assist you during the legal proceedings.

c) Professional Legal Protection (Berufsrechtsschutz)

  • Disputes with an employer:

This covers a wide range of issues that can arise between you and your employer, such as disputes related to job termination, receiving insufficient notice, contract cancellations, or problems with your salary.

If you encounter such problems, this legal protection will support you, including representing you in court if necessary.

  • Defense in disciplinary and professional conduct cases:

If you’re accused of failing to fulfill your professional responsibilities or facing disciplinary actions in your workplace, this legal protection ensures that your rights are protected.

It provides assistance and representation to make sure you are treated fairly throughout the process.

Optional Coverage

Besides private, traffic, and professional legal protection insurance, Getsafe offers two other types of protection for an added cost.

a) Home (Wohnen)

For an extra €3.22 every month, this legal protection will cover the following conflicts:

  • With your landlord
  • With your neighbors
  • With property managers
  • About the photovoltaic systems

b) Criminal Protection (Strafrecht)

For an extra €2.20 every month, Getsafe’s criminal insurance coverage helps you with the following:

  • Accusations of criminal negligence
  • Accusations of intentional crime offenses

This protection offers coverage for up to €1 million per claim if you haven’t intentionally committed a crime.


There’s no support when you intentionally commit a crime.

Now, let’s talk about waiting periods.

Waiting Period (Wartefrist)

Any claims that arise during this time are not covered by any legal insurance in Germany.

Getsafe has variable waiting times depending on the area of legal protection.

For example, Getsafe traffic legal protection has no waiting times, while employment disputes have a waiting time of six months. 

Here’s a detailed look at waiting times for different types of protection with Getsafe:

1. Private Legal Insurance

Getsafe Personal Legal Protection Waiting Times

2. Traffic Legal Protection

Getsafe Traffic Legal Protection Waiting Times

3. Professional Protection

Getsafe Professional Legal Protection Waiting Times

4. Home Protection

Getsafe Home Protection Waiting Times

5. Criminal Protection

Getsafe Criminal Protection Waiting Times

Contract Period

Getsafe’s legal insurance doesn’t require you to fulfill a contract period. You can cancel at any moment using the Getsafe app. 

Customer Support

Getsafe offers exceptional customer support.

First of all, you get a FREE initial legal consultation with a lawyer.

And It gets even better.

If your insured case is already resolved at an initial consultation and the lawyer does not continue to work for you, your deductible will not apply.

Secondly, Getsafe offers a FREE 24/7 legal hotline. You can use it to get quick, free advice from your lawyer via telephone, even on uninsured legal questions.

User Experience

Let’s talk about the user experience.

So, Getsafe offers a fully digital, all-English platform, which is exactly what non-German-speaking expats need.

Getsafe’s mobile app is fast, secure, and easy to use. You can use it to buy insurance, file claims, contact customer support, and do many other things.


Most importantly, you get to see all the contract conditions and offerings in English and also receive customer support from an English-speaking executive, which makes things even better for you.

Moreover, you are free to choose a lawyer of your choice. So, if you find a good English-speaking lawyer, you’re free to hire them under Getsafe’s coverage.


Getsafe proudly boasts unlimited legal coverage for all legal costs.

Getsafe Unlimited Legal Coverage

However, as already mentioned, for unintentional criminal offenses, the coverage is limited to €1 million per claim (which is still very generous, to be honest).


Getsafe has three eligibility conditions:

  • First of all, there’s the age limit. You can only sign up if you are over 18 and under 70 years old.
  • Secondly, you can’t sign up if you made four or more claims with your past insurer in the last five years.
  • Finally, if your last insurance wasn’t canceled by you but by your insurance company, you can’t get legal coverage from Getsafe.


You can only hold a legal insurance policy from one company at a time.


Getsafe Legal Insurance offers a compelling solution for expats and residents in Germany who seek comprehensive legal protection.

Their all-in-one plan covers a wide range of legal situations, from personal injury in traffic accidents to disputes with employers, providing peace of mind in navigating the German legal landscape.

This insurance is particularly suitable for expats in Germany, where English support and clear policy documentation cater to non-German speakers, making it a valuable option for those who might struggle with language barriers.

Since it’s a fully digital insurance company, digital enthusiasts will appreciate Getsafe’s mobile app and online platform, which streamline the insurance process, from purchasing coverage to filing claims, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Plus, Getsafe allows you to choose your own lawyer, offering flexibility in your legal representation.

However, there are certain limitations to consider.

Getsafe offers only one plan, which might not suit you well if you’re looking for customizable coverage tailored to your specific needs. 

Lastly, depending on the type of legal protection, waiting times can range from none to six months. If you need immediate coverage, you might need a different solution. is reader-supported. If you click a link on this page and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This allows us to keep running and improving the website.
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