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Life as an expat in Germany can be both challenging and full of surprises. Unintentional damage to someone’s property, well-being, or finances can result in unexpected costs.

But here’s the solution: liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung), your safety net when life throws you a curveball.

If you’re an English-speaking expat in Germany, this blog will help you understand Getsafe’s liability insurance policy.

We’ll explore its coverage, distinctive features, and pricing and provide a clear view of the pros and cons.

So, let’s get in and find out everything about it.




Number of plans




English support


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On Getsafe’s Website

No. of Plans2
CoverageImmediate – No waiting time!
Family Coverage AvailableYes
English Customer SupportYes
Worldwide CoverageYes
Mobile AppYes
Excess (or Deductible)Not mandatory
Choose from €0, €150, or €300
Coverage LimitVariable (Up to €50 million)
Monthly Price€2.87 per month
€3.75 per month

Affordable pricing.

Flexible excess.

Instant English chat support.

User-friendly mobile app.

Easy to file a claim.

Generous coverage limit on the Premium plan

Relatively lower limits on the Comfort plan.

Getsafe Liability Insurance Overview

Started in 2015, Getsafe is a newcomer in the insurance market.

However, with its innovative approach and hassle-free digital platform, the company has garnered the trust of over 500,000 users.

Getsafe’s goal is to simplify insurance by minimizing complications and paperwork, and they have been pretty successful at this.

Here’s an overview of their offerings:

Getsafe Liability Insurance


Comfort Plan

Premium Plan

Special Features

Sum Insured (Versicherungssummen)

€20 million

€50 million

Compensation for the value of a new item



Up to €3000

Lock change after key loss



Best Performance Guarantee



Guarantee over pre-insurer (no disadvantage when changing) 



Exemption from contribution if unemployed for 12 months




Uninsured third party protection



Personal damage



Asset damages 



Private & professional key loss



Damages caused by children and adults you are responsible for



Refueling damage when using motor vehicles that don't belong to you



SB compensation in automotive comprehensive insurance in case of accident



Temporary members of your household (Au pairs, for example)



Damage to third parties during loading or unloading



Tame animals and small wild animals



Property and Rental

Rental property damage



Property damage



Monthly Price



Getsafe Liability Insurance Review for 2024

Here’s a detailed review of Getsafe’s features, plans, and coverage.


Getsafe offers two liability insurance plans: Comfort and Premium.

Getsafe Liability Insurance Plans


Starting at €2.87 per month, the Comfort plan covers the following:

  • Uninsured third-party protection
  • Personal damage
  • Asset damages
  • Work keys (If a lock change is required)
  • Temporary members of your household (Au pairs, for example)
  • Tame animals and small wild animals
  • Property damage
  • Rental property damage
  • Rented rooms for commercial purposes


Starting at €3.75 per month, the Premium plan covers everything in the Comfort plan plus the following:

  • Compensation for the value of a new item if it’s not older than one year
  • Extended key loss coverage (Safe, locker, furniture, and motor vehicle keys)
  • Damage to third parties during loading or unloading using your own vehicle
  • Refuelling damage during the use of another person’s motor vehicle
  • SB compensation in comprehensive motor insurance in the event of an accident due to the use of another person’s motor vehicle
  • Claims arising from discrimination under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)

Apart from the above, the Premium plan also provides users exemption from contributions in the event of unemployment for up to 12 months.

Plus, there are some limitations. Comfort plan has a coverage limit of €20 million while the Premium plan has a limit of €50 million. (More limits will be discussed later on.)


Your monthly premium depends on the following things:

  • Your chosen plan
  • Deductible or excess
  • Number of members you add
  • Extra coverage options like drone
  • How many claims you’ve made in the past five years

Quite understandably, your monthly premium will increase with the Premium plan, extra coverage, members, and if you’ve made some claims in the last five years.

Conversely, your premium will decrease if you choose a higher deductible.

Excess or Deductible

An “excess” or “deductible” is something you pay to the insurance on top of your monthly liability insurance premium. This is your contribution to the cost of any claim that you file.

Getsafe offers you to choose one from €0, €150, and €300.

As opposed to legal insurance, having an excess is not mandatory with personal liability insurance. It’s just there to bring down your premium.

Now, let’s look at what GetSafe does and doesn’t cover.

Liabilities Covered

Here’s what Getsafe insurance covers:

  • Uninsured third-party protection

Let’s say a person has harmed you or your property and doesn’t have insurance coverage or money. Getsafe will cover the cost of your damage up to your plan’s limit.

  • Property Damage (Sachschäden)

Your Getsafe policy covers accidental damage caused to someone else’s objects or property (electrical appliances, pieces of furniture, etc.).

Damage to rental properties, i.e., to the property, building, apartment, or rooms in the building, is also covered. This includes damage to furnishings in holiday accommodations or rented properties for commercial purposes.


Glass damage in rented properties is not covered!

  • Personal Injury or Damage (Personenschäden)

If you accidentally cause physical or mental damage to a person, Getsafe will cover the cost of damages for you.


The injured or inflicted party can’t be a covered member of your policy.

Also, a limit of €15 million per damaged person applies in both plans.

  • Asset Damages or Financial Losses (Vermögensschäden)

Your Getsafe policy will cover the damages if you are responsible for the damage to another person’s assets or finances. For example, if the person does not receive a salary as a result of an accident or suffers direct damage to a financial asset.

  • Key Loss (Schlüsselverlust)

If you lose your work keys and the locks must be changed, your liability insurance will cover the cost up to your plan’s limit.


However, remember that simply losing your keys doesn’t count.

If no locks must be changed and you only call a locksmith or make a copy of the lost keys, your liability insurance won’t cover you.

  • Temporary members of your household (Au pairs, for example)

Your insurance policy also covers people who stay with you temporarily, such as au pairs.

  • Tame animals and small wild animals

Getsafe will cover the cost of accidental damage caused by your tame pets and small animals to property or people.

Small wild animals (such as chameleons, rats, poisonous spiders, and more) are also insured.


No dogs and horses included!

  • Bad Debt Coverage (Forderungsausfalldeckung)

Under this coverage, Getsafe protects you in case someone who owes you money becomes insolvent and can’t pay their debt to you.

In such a situation, this coverage helps compensate you for the financial loss you experience as a result of not receiving the money you were owed.

What’s Not Covered

It’s super important to know what your liability insurance covers, so here’s a quick overview.

Getsafe insurance won’t cover the following:

  • Damage to your property caused by yourself
  • Dogs and horses
  • Glass damage in rented spaces
  • Car accidents
  • Damage by decay or deterioration
  • Damage caused to co-insurers by you
  • Damages in your professional environment
  • Key loss if the locksmith opens the lock


Note that most of these damages are the responsibility of specific insurance policies like car insurance, dog liability insurance, buildings insurance, contents insurance, etc.

Optional Coverage

When signing up with Getsafe, you’ll be given the option to add optional coverage options.

Getsafe Liability Insurance Optional Extensions

a. Drone

Starting at €0.08 per month, this will cover liability damages to other people and property caused by your drone.

With this extension, any drone weighing 5 kg or under is covered throughout Europe and worldwide for five years.

However, there are certain terms and conditions you should read on their website to understand the coverage in depth.

b. Family

Starting at €0.85 per month, this coverage option extends to every person living with you in the same household.

Getsafe Liability Insurance Family Extension

Best Performance Guarantee

This is really a standout feature that other insurance companies don’t offer.

Getsafe’s performance guarantee means that if another liability insurer offers better coverage at the time of your loss, Getsafe will upgrade your policy to match those terms, including higher compensation limits and possibly reducing or eliminating deductibles.

However, the other insurer shouldn’t be charging any extra amount for that coverage, and it must be part of their standard coverage.

Also, this rule applies to private liability insurance available to everyone and only works with insurers licensed to operate in Germany.

Waiting Period (Wartefrist)

There are no waiting periods. Your coverage starts the next day when you sign up and make your first premium payment.

Contract Period

Getsafe’s liability insurance coverage doesn’t require you to fulfill a contract period. You can cancel at any moment using the Getsafe app. 

Customer Support

Getsafe offers exceptional customer support.

You can reach out to their support and ask for expert advice from a seasoned insurance adviser even before signing up (free of cost).

Getsafe Liability Insurance Free Consultation

User Experience

Not many companies can match Getsafe’s user experience from an expat’s perspective.

It offers a fully digital, all-English platform, which is exactly what non-German-speaking expats need.

You get to see all the contract conditions and offerings in English and also receive customer support from an English-speaking executive, which makes things even better for you.

Besides, Getsafe’s mobile app is fast, secure, and easy to use. You can use it to buy insurance, file claims, contact customer support, and do many other things 24/7.


Getsafe’s Comfort and Premium plans cover you for an insured sum of €20 million and €50 million, respectively.

However, the limits vary in some cases (especially in the Comfort plan).

Refer to the below table for a detailed overview of limitations.

Getsafe Liability Insurance Limitations

Comfort Plan

Premium Plan

Rental property damage

Up to €10,000

Up to €50 million

Damage to furnishings in holiday accommodations


Up to €50 million

Damage, destruction, or loss of other rented, borrowed, or leased property


Up to €50 million

Private and professional key loss


Up to €50 million

Damaged caused by children and adults you are responsible for


Up to €50 million

Damage to third parties by loading and unloading the policyholder's own motor vehicle or trailer



Refuelling damage when using motor vehicles that don't belong to you



SB compensation in automotive comprehensive insurance in case of accident due to use of motor vehicles that don't belong to you



Compensation for the value of a new item for items which are not older than 1 year


Up to €3000 purchase price


Getsafe has three eligibility conditions:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old at the time of sign-up.
  • You can’t sign up if you have made three or more liability claims with your past insurer in the last five years.
  • If your last insurance wasn’t canceled by you but by your insurance company, you can’t get liability coverage from Getsafe.

Claims Process

Getsafe has clearly outlined its claims process on the website.

Once you’re sure that the damage is covered under the policy, take the following steps:

  1. Take pictures of the damage on the spot (if it’s possible).
  2. Get the contact information of the damaged person to reduce claim processing time.
  3. Have the purchase invoice or the repair invoice ready.
  4. Do not pay anything before checking whether and to what extent the claim against you is justified.
  5. Reach out to Getsafe’s chatbot (Carla) through the damage report under “Services” and upload the pictures, invoice, and contact information.
  6. Check your email to see if we need any more information to process the claim.
  7. If necessary, follow up with the damaged party.
Getsafe Liability Insurance Claims Process


Getsafe’s liability insurance offers a comprehensive solution for expats in Germany who seek reliable protection from unexpected liabilities.

With two plans to choose from, it provides flexibility to cater to different needs and budgets.

The Comfort plan is an affordable option that covers essential liabilities, while the Premium plan is a more extensive choice, offering higher coverage limits, additional perks like compensation for new items, and coverage for key losses.

In both plans, however, the flexibility of choosing an excess allows policyholders to tailor their premiums to their liking, which is a significant advantage.

The absence of waiting periods and the ability to cancel the policy at any time provide extra convenience.

Plus, Getsafe’s commitment to user experience, with a fully digital platform, mobile app, and English-language support, makes it particularly appealing to expats who may not be fluent in German.

However, the Comfort plan has relatively lower coverage limits compared to the Premium plan, so users who anticipate higher liabilities or seek more extensive coverage might find the Premium plan better suited to their needs. is reader-supported. If you click a link on this page and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This allows us to keep running and improving the website.
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